ACD Travelling Fellowship

Australasian College of Dermatologists Travelling Fellowship

Type: Trainee Grant

For: Trainees to travel to the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology

Who’s Eligible: College Trainees completing the Fellowship exam

Amount: Up to $8,000

Awarded: Post Fellowship exam to the most meritorious candidate in the Fellowship exam.

About the Grant: Galderma Australia Pty Ltd makes available $8,000.00 for the most meritorious candidate in the Fellowship Examination, as determined by the College Board of Directors on the recommendation of the National Examinations Committee.

The Award: The cost of airfare and accommodation for the travel to the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology will be covered. The recipient is expected to visit several dermatology departments as well as attending the Academy Meeting.

Recipients of this Fellowship are asked to apply for reimbursement of their expenses. Recipients will be required to furnish receipts and other documentation to substantiate their expenses.

Award conditions: The recipient must prepare a report, within three months upon return, for the Board meeting prior to the ASM. The report may be required to be presented at the ASM, and will be published in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology.

Past Recipients:

2016 Dr Georgina Lyons
2015 Dr Christopher Heyes
Dr Julia Rhodes
2014 Dr Ann Boyapati
2013 Dr Lauren Young
2012 Dr Glen Foxton
2011 Dr Alana Tuxen
2010 Dr Kate Borchard
2009 Dr Yee Jen Tai
2008 Dr Genevieve Sadler
2007 Dr Gregory Butler
2006 Dr Gayle Ross
2005 Dr Amanda Dore
2004 Dr Adriene Lee
2003 Dr Laura Scardamaglia
2002 Dr Michael Sharkey
2001 Dr Clare Tait
2000 Dr Roland Brand
1999 Dr Belina Welsh
1998/ Dr Samantha Conias
1997 Dr Megan Andrews
1996 Dr Christopher McCormack
1995 Dr Bruce Tate
1994 Dr Douglas McColl
1993 Dr Karen Stapleton
1992 Dr Irene Grigoris
1991 Dr Timothy Elliott
1990 Dr Christopher Baker
1989 Dr Anne O’Neill
1988 Dr William Ryman
1987 Dr Elizabeth Willsteed
1986 Not awarded
1985 Dr Rodney O’Keefe
1984 Dr Gregory Goodman
1983 Dr Peta Mclaran
1982 Dr Frank Isaacs
1981 Dr Timothy O’Brien
1980 Dr Phillip Swarbrick
1979 Dr Dudley Hill
1978 Dr Philip Sion Bekhor
1977 Dr Ivan Maxell Robertson (inaugural)