F C Florance Bequest

F C Florance Bequest

Type: Fellow Grant

For: Fellows to undertake an approved course of study overseas

Who’s Eligible: College Fellows

Amount: Varies

Application Close: 30 September

About the Grant: The F.C. Florance Bequest is in memory of Dr Florance, one of Sydney’s early dermatologists and a founder of the College, who believed that all dermatologists should benefit from overseas dermatological training and exposure in order to expand their ideas of practice. He helped ex-servicemen establish their dermatological practices upon returning from WW2.

The F.C. Florance Bequest Fellowships encourage and enable College Fellows to undertake an approved course of study which will broaden their clinical dermatological expertise, to travel and benefit from interaction with overseas dermatologists. Each application is assessed on its individual merits and the submission of an application does not automatically qualify for a grant from the Bequest. The bequest is an endowment from the estate of Mrs Dorothy Florance in memory of Dr HC Florance.

Criteria for Eligibility: Fellows will:

  1. Be graduates of the Australasian College of Dermatologists holding FACD.
  2. Provide a specific plan of the work which they intend to carry out while holding the Fellowship.
  3. Have arranged work at an appropriate institution (or institutions) prior to their application for the Fellowship and will have proof that such jobs have been accepted, or are likely to be accepted.
  4. Have reasonable prospects of a responsible position in Australia on completion of the Fellowship.
  5. Fellowships will only be tenable to institutions approved by the Committee on behalf of the Board of Directors.

The Award: Awarding of the Fellowships is subject to the following conditions. However, the Board of Directors of College may from time to time, vary the conditions under which the Fellowship is made and may make the application of such variations prospectively or retrospectively

1. Timing of Fellowships

  1. Fellowships are awarded annually.
  2. A Fellow must take up the Fellowship within 12 months of the offer of the award, except where the Committee has granted special permission to do otherwise.

2. Expenses Claimable under the F.C. Florance Bequest

  1. Tuition or Course Fees: Essential fees incurred, such as fees imposed by institutions or bodies.
  2. Travel Expenses: Transfer expenses of the person and his/her family and essential goods from their normal place of residence to the institution of training.
  3. Accommodation Expenses: Reasonable accommodation costs in or near the training institution.
  4. Reasonable Living Expenses: Reasonable day to day costs of living in the overseas country.

3. Terms of Fellowship and Method of Payment

  1. Fellowships shall normally be awarded for twelve months.
  2. The method of payment shall generally be divided and given in two equal instalments, half before departure and half some months later.
  3. Variations in times and methods of payment may be made in a manner determined by the Board.

4. The Amount of Payment

  1. The amount of each Fellowship shall be determined by the Board after recommendations from the Committee.
  2. In general the amounts awarded will be commensurate with other similar Fellowships such as those awarded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
  3. The Fellowship shall be used to support the Fellow for up to 12 months, or a period determined by the Board, while undergoing the specified study. The Fellowship shall be used solely for the purpose specified in the Award.

5. Other Fees

  1. All other fees, subscriptions and expenses incurred during the tenure of the Fellowship shall be payable by the Fellow.
  2. In exceptional circumstances the Fellow may submit a claim for additional monies for consideration by the Committee. Such extra amounts may be granted after approval by the Board.

6. Additional Awards

  1. The Fellow may not hold other Fellowships or Awards during the period in which he/she holds the F.C. Florance Bequest Fellowship, except where approval has been obtained from the Board. Funding from any other source, i.e. pharmaceutical companies, other medical bodies, etc., should be disclosed (including the amount of the grant) at the time of application.
  2. Acceptance of other awards would be on the grounds that the extra award does not result in any extra obligation being placed on the Fellow.

7. Termination of a Fellowship

  1. The Board may at its discretion for what is considered grave cause suspend the tenure of a Fellowship for such time as is thought fit or deprive a Fellow of his/her Fellowship and from that day the entitlement to monies shall cease.

Award Conditions: A report of your activities must be sent to College at the completion of your F.C. Florance Bequest Fellowship. Your report may be published in The Mole or in the College’s annual report. Appropriate acknowledgement of the grant should be made in your report.

Past Recipients:

2017 Dr Rebecca Saunderson, Dr Marguerite Seith, Dr Clare Tait
2016 Dr Niyati Sharma, Dr Stephanie Watson
2015 Dr Genevieve Casey, Dr Julia Rhodes, Dr Ryan de Cruz
2014 Dr Stephanie Arnold
2013 Dr Yan Pan, Dr Amanda Saracino, Dr Lauren Young
2012 Dr Desmond Gan, Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan, Dr John Pagliaro, Dr Susan Robertson, Dr Michelle Rodrigues, Dr Leona Yip
2011 Dr Kate Borchard, Dr Anita Lasocki, Dr Liang Joo Leow
2010 Cl. Associate Professor Kurt Gebauer
2009 Dr Claire Grills, Dr Andrew Ming
2008 Dr Sophie Bakis-Petsoglou, Dr Jennifer Cahill, Dr Greg Siller, Dr Jason Wu
2007 Dr Rohan Crouch, Dr Michelle Goh, Dr Shannon Harrison
2006 Dr Nita Agar, Dr Alex Chamberlain, Dr Helen Saunders, Dr Nina Wines
2005 Dr Stephen Gilmore, Dr Anthony Hall, Dr Adriene Lee
2004 Dr Christopher Kearney
2003 Not awarded
2002 Dr Anne Howard
2001 Dr John Sullivan
2000 Dr David Francis, Dr Tasman Lipscombe, Dr Lachlan Warren
1999 Dr Phillip Artemi, Dr David Orchard, Dr David Su, Dr John Sullivan
1998 Dr John Fewings, Dr Shyamala Huilgol
1997 Dr Russell Hills
1996 Dr Douglas McColl, Dr Margaret Oziemski
1995 Dr Jo-Ann See, Dr Margot Whitfeld
1994 Dr Anne Halbert
1993 Dr Timothy Elliott, Dr Gregory Goodman, Dr Catherine Reid, Dr Margot Whitfeld
1992 Dr Thomas Delaney, Dr John Coates, Dr Dudley Hill
1991 Dr Christopher Baker, Dr Peter Hogan, Dr David Leslie, Dr Gillian Marshman
1990 Dr Peter Hogan, Dr Jill Cargnello, Dr Jeremy Horton
1989 Dr Elizabeth Willsteed, Dr Portia Millar, Dr Rosemary Nixon
1988 Dr Shawn Richards
1987 Dr Margaret Stewart, Dr Susanne Freeman

How to Apply: Submit online via the CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION button. Please ensure you have downloaded a copy of the application form to include in your submission.