State Faculty Office Bearers

New South Wales
Chair CI.A/Prof Saxon Smith
Chair-Elect Dr Keng Chen
Immediate Past Chair A/Professor Pablo Fernandez Penas
Secretary Dr Hanna Kuchel
Treasurer Dr Stephen Donoghue
DoT Dr James Choi
Chair Dr Gregory Butler
Chair-elect Dr Amanda Godbolt
Secretary Dr Jason Wu
Treasurer Dr Jason Wu
DoT Dr Shobhan Manoharan
Board of Directors Dr Michael Pitney
South Australia
Chair Dr Colin Ooi
Secretary Dr Romuald Czechowicz
Treasurer Dr Stuart Murray
DoT Dr Emma Haverhoek
Board of Directors Dr Anne Lewis
Chair Dr Vanessa Morgan
Secretary Dr Julia Rhodes
Treasurer Dr Rod Sinclair
Immediate Past Chair Dr Belinda Welsh
DoT Dr Hugh Roberts
Western Australia
Chair Dr Genevieve Sadler
Secretary Dr Tony Caccetta
Treasurer Dr Gary Maloney
DoT Dr Hock Chua
Executive Member Dr Thomas Delaney