Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The College is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected, appointed and co-opted by the College membership. The Board meets regularly to discuss matters of governance and items that are brought to their attention via the State Faculty Chairs or the various Board related committees. In association with the College Management Committee, the Board sets the five year rolling Strategic Plan which is updated annually. There are five State faculties:

1. NSW (including ACT)
2. Victoria (including Tasmania)
3. Queensland
4. South Australia (including Northern Territory)
5. Western Australia

All committees which have an education brief report to the National Education Committee whose Chair sits on the Board of Directors. College has a large number of other committees, the most important from a governance perspective being the Audit Committee and the Risk Management Committee.

The Directors of College are required to reveal any pecuniary or professional interest which is in conflict, has the potential to be in conflict or might be perceived to be in conflict, with their duty as a member of the Board of Directors At each Board meeting, Directors are required to sign a Declaration of Interest and to speak to them at the Board meeting. The declarations of pecuniary and professional interest of the Directors are currently as follows:

Chris Baker 0713 President

A/Prof Chris Baker, MBBS, FACD, GAICD

Clinical Associate Professor in Dermatology at the University of Melbourne, Director of Dermatology at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne and former Board Member the Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc, Victoria. He also runs a private practice. His clinical and research interests are in psoriasis (including clinical trials, patient registries and quality of life studies), photodermatology and biofabrication. Chris has extensive experience serving with many committees in the College. He is currently a Director of the Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges

Declaration of Interest

  • VMO and Directors, Department of Dermatology, St Vincent’s Hospital.
Andrew Miller President-Elect

Dr Andrew Miller, MBBS (Hons), BSc (Med), FACD

Andrew Miller has worked in private practice for over 20 years, including as a VMO at both Calvary Hospital and the Canberra Hospital, where he is department head. He is a member of the AMA-ACT Board and the AMA Federal Council.

Declaration of Interest

  • Consultancy “Know Your Skin” Campaign Leo/MSD
  • Director/Treasurer, AMA ACT P/L
  • Federal Councillor, AMA Ltd
  • Member, ACT Clinical Senate
  • Department Head, Dermatology Department, The Canberra Hospital
Andrew Satchell 0980 Honorary Secretary

Dr Andrew Satchell, MB,BS (Adel), BMedSci (Hons), MM (Syd)

Andrew Satchell is a Visiting Medical Officer at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital supervising the registrars in dermatological surgery each week. He also runs a private practice in Camperdown and does Mohs Surgery.

Declaration of Interest

  • Visiting Medical Officer, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Adrian Lim 150706 Dean of Education

Dr Adrian Lim, FACD

Adrian Lim is a Visiting Medical Officer/staff specialist at the Royal North Shore Hospital (NSW) with special interest in laser dermatology and phlebology.

Declaration of Interest

  • His partner operates Cyromed Australia (a laser/device distributing company)
Robert Kelly IMG_6377aa Board Member (VIC)

Dr Robert I Kelly, FACD

Rob Kelly is the Head of Clinical Dermatology at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. He also works in private practice in Hawthorn East.

Declaration of Interest

  • Head of Clinical Dermatology, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
 Anne Lewis 130719 Board Member (SA)

Dr Anne Lewis, FACD

Works in private practice in Adelaide. Her private interests include golf and rowing. Anne has served on the Board of Censors and the Accreditation Committee.

Declaration of Interest

  • Shares in CSL
 Michael Pitney 130709 Board Member (QLD)

Dr Michael Pitney, FACD

Runs a solo practice in Brisbane with interest in general dermatology and phototherapy. He has served on the Continuing Professional Development Committee. His private interests include fishing, watercolour painting and home cooking.

Declaration of Interest

  • A family member in College Training program.