2019 marketing campaign

Posted 2 years ago

Part one of the 2019 marketing campaign has been launched. Focussing on cosmetic dermatology, College Fellows were pitched as spokespeople to healthcare journalists, along with the following news angles:

  1. Five common Botox myths debunked
  2. Eight things to help deal with dry winter skin
  3. Common cosmetic dermatology procedures
  4. Rosacea
  5. Acne prevention and scarring
  6. Hyperhidrosis.

Social media posts were also created to complement these topics.

Thank you to the following Fellows for agreeing to be profiled for the campaign: Professor Stephen Shumack, Associate Professor Saxon Smith, Dr Deshan Sebratnam, Dr Jo-Ann See, Dr Leona Yip, Dr Adam Sheridan, Dr Katherine Armour, Associate Professor David Francis, Dr Kathryn DeAmbrosis, Dr Benjamin Carew, Dr Catherine Reid, Dr Rachel Manifold, Dr Clare Tait and Dr Austen Anderson.